Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Road Trip!

Last weekend I went all the way to South Carolina! I rode in the backseat, but I spend most of the ride perched on the console so I could hang out with the People.

 I even took a nap there! Look at that huge smile on my face! I must have been having sweet dreams.

I didn't sleep long, thought! I was too busy showing love...


...and contemplating the size of my adorably enormous head!
I had a great time in the car! Once we got to SC, I had a big fenced yard to play in! There were other dogs, too. And I had my favorite toys with me, so I was all set for a weekend of fun. I hope I get to take another trip soon! Maybe one day I will get adopted and be able to go on adventures with my forever family.


Sunday, March 10, 2013

My notecards and fliers

My foster parents made some publicity materials for me this weekend using quotes from random songs. They're silly like that... And they think I'm the goofball?

Anyway, maybe some of you kind readers would print them out and pass some around? Thanks, friends! People are so awesome.